From the archives…”Bubba Ho-Tep”

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Bubba Ho-Tep (Released June 9, 2002) 4.5 of 10 on the Gash-O-Meter
Director: Don Coscarelli
Starring: Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis, Ella Joyce, Bob Ivy
Running Time: 92 minutes, Rated: R
Budget: $1 million  Gross: $1,239,183

I wanted to love it. Almost felt like I was obligated to love it. I didn’t love it. Not sure this film belongs on a horror movie list, but the pedigrees of director Don Coscarelli and star Bruce Campbell solidified it. The concept of the film is funny, but it gets old very quickly. Campbell and Ossie Davis are an entertaining duo, but there’s just not enough going on here to keep the audience’s interest. Odd, but solid idea on paper, but loses something in the delivery.


From the archives…”Bride of Chucky”

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Bride of Chucky (Released October 16, 1998) 6 of 10 on the Gash-O-Meter
Director: Ronnie Yu
Starring: Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, Katherine Heigl, Alexis Arquette, John Ritter, Kathy Najimy
Running Time: 89 minutes Rated: R
Budget: $25,000,000 Gross: $50,692,188

Scares go out the window as Chucky series shifts toward comedy. Unintentionally star-studded cast features a young Katherine Heigl as well as John Ritter, Kathy Najimy and Jennifer Tilly (and we’d be remiss did we not mention the one and only Alexis Arquette). The dolls look great and the film is humorous, but there is nothing here to be scared of. Gore is cartoony and, aside from Ritter’s unfortunate corpse, nothing to be noted. Entertaining horror/comedy. Notable ‘run over by tractor’ scene.

“Vincent Rising” and original works at

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We’ve spent a lot of time with reviews at, but this site is also for all of us to share our horrific visions. We have original artwork by Grant Latta and some new fiction by Scott Hallam. Check out the first few paragraphs of “Vincent Rising” and check out the rest at…(and feel free to submit your work! Send it to

Vincent Rising

      Mitch Fassero eased the blue Dodge Dakota into his driveway.  The soft glow of the dashboard’s digital clock informed him the time was 3:52 am.  He was returning home from a painfully long 12-hour shift at the plastic manufacturing plant he’d called home for the last 10 years.  This, combined with a 45-minute commute down a remarkably boring road, had his eyes bleary and he craved sleep.

Mitch dragged his lanky frame from the truck’s cab into the cool fall air.  He nearly locked his keys in the car, noticing them a moment before slamming the door and trapping them inside.  Mitch took a mental inventory of the contents of the front seat (…a pair of sunglasses, water bottle, cd case…) and assured himself there was nothing more needing to go inside.  He swung the door shut and walked toward the inviting front porch of his modest ranch home in rural Saugerties, NY.

“That was a long goddamn day,” he said to himself, sliding his key into the lock.  He opened the door to the quiet solace of his foyer.  There would be no time to check his email or even grab a quick snack.  It was straight to bed for five, maybe six hours of sleep before another long day tomorrow.  “Two more,” he thought aloud, looking forward to the upcoming weekend.  Two more days.”

Mitch ran a hand through is dark shaggy hair and wandered into his unlit bedroom.  A bright beam of moonlight shone through the naked window onto his king-sized bed. It reminded him to get some room-darkening curtains which would help him sleep on nights like tonight and keep the sun out while he slept during the day while working the midnight shift.  He never usually considered things like curtains or area rugs in his bachelor-esque décor. Instead he focused on items that were more aesthetically pleasing to him, the 18-inch Freddy Kruger statue that stood proudly on his dresser, overseeing the room, for example.

Undaunted by the glow of moonlight splashing directly across his pillow, Mitch stripped down, threw on a pair of shorts, and ambled toward the comfort of his waiting blankets.  Easing into the bed, he cast a brief glance out the bare window and hesitated.  He noticed something strange in his neighbor’s yard.

“What the fuck is that?” he said to no one, drawing his face closer to the cool window.  The houses in Mitch’s development sat near each other.  It didn’t leave much privacy, but he never saw their close proximity as much of an issue. It cut down on lawn mowing, leaf raking and other dreaded outdoor chores he didn’t care to be bothered with.

Mitch gazed out at what looked like a person standing in the yard next door.  Knowing his bedroom light was out, and that he couldn’t be seen through the glass from the outside, he allowed himself to lean even closer to the window, pressing his palms against it to steady himself.  He crunched his nose and squinted for a better look.

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From the archives…”Bride of Re-Animator”

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Bride of Re-Animator (Released Feb. 22, 1991) 6.5 of 10 on the Gash-O-Meter
Director: Brian Yuzna
Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Fabiana Udenio
Running Time: 96 minutes Rated: R

Jeffrey Combs returns as the legendary Dr. Herbert West in this hilarious and gory sequel to the original cult hit. If taken seriously, this film is horrendous, but taken with a grain of salt, and understanding what you’re getting into with this campy offering, it’s quite entertaining. Completely over the top (as all the films in this series are) laughs and gore abound. Plot twists are hilarious. Although this is the weakest of the trio, it’s still a good time, fun horror film. Come on, it’s Bride of Re-Animator.

From the archives…”Black Christmas” (1974)

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Black Christmas (Released December 20, 1974) 6 of 10 on the Gash-O-Meter
aka: Silent Night, Evil Night

Director: Bob Clark
Starring: Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder
Running Time: 98 minutes Rated: R
Country: Canada
Budget: $620,000 Gross: $4,053,000
This slasher film trailblazer nicely builds suspense. Gore factor is small to none, however sound F/X work well. Not going to scare you to death or gross you out, but for the time period it was a decent offering. Okay.

From the archives…”Beyond Re-Animator”

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Beyond Re-Animator (Released April 4, 2003) 7 of 10 on the Gash-O-Meter
Director: Brian Yuzna
Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Tommy Dean Masset, Jason Barry
Running Time: 95 minutes Rated: R
Country: Canada
Budget: $3,000,000 (est.)

In the third offering from the Re-Animator series, director Brian Yuzna delivers exactly what fans have come to expect: big gore and goofy humor. An expansion on the reanimation theory leads to new F/X and entertaining scenarios while still giving the obligatory crazy corpse. Colorful characters add to the flavor. Combs and crew still deliver after three installments.

From the archives…”Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon”

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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
(Released October 13, 2006) 6.5 of 10 on the Gash-O-Meter
Director: Scott Glosserman
Starring: Nathan Baesel, Angela Goethals, Robert Englund
Running Time: 92 minutes Rated: R
Gross: $69,136

  Ridiculous premise of a film crew full of college grad students following a ‘serial killer’ preparing for a ‘return from the dead.’ Very slow moving throughout and completely unbelievable for a film trying to show the ‘behind the scenes’ of a slasher. Great promotional images are by far the strongest aspect of this film. Skip this one and watch Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer instead. Same idea, but a much, much better, gritter and more realistic film.