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A Couple Horror Films You May Have Missed

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Okay gorehounds, I see a LOT of horror info while on the job for Dread Central and it has occurred to me that the best horror you’re going to get these days is nowhere near your local mega-plex. Horror, at its finest, is dirty, uncomfortable and unpredictable. Those are three things Hollywood  traditionally tries to distance itself from. That’s why the best horror sometimes takes a little effort to find. But, oh boy, is it worth it!

Let’s be honest, nine times out of 10 you KNOW the horror movie you just saw 15 commercials for on prime time television is going to suck. Whether it be a remake or one of an endless series of sequels, if it’s getting big publicity, it’s probably going to be watered down and lame. Sure, you get the occasional exception to the rule, but that’s what they are, exceptions. Since I get a chance to check out a bunch of indie stuff, I just wanted to bounce a couple off you that you may have missed.

First, I can’t say enough about Stake Land, a great vampire apocalypse film that almost feels like a dramatic version of Zombieland. For horror-comedy, I’ve never seen it done better than in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Easily one of the funniest horror films, ever. Extra helpings of laughs and gore. Excellent offering!

Released on the same day, but unfortunately overshadowed by the infinitely disappointing Cowboys vs. Aliens was another alien encounter film entitled Attack the Block. Excellent! And going back a bit earlier this year, Troll Hunter and Hobo With A Shotgun were beautifully creative and unique flicks.

And we can go on and on…from incredibly controversial A Serbian Film to the over the top outrageousness of The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), horror is on a roll. Don’t ever listen to anyone who says all the genre has are remakes and sequels…those people just don’t know where to look. With OnDemand and ever growing streaming video services, it’s easier than ever to find those hidden horror gems. Take a look. Tell ’em Doctor Gash sent ya!



10,000 views! Really?! You guys must have something better to do.

Posted in Doctor's orders on October 25, 2011 by Doctor Gash

Gorehounds, you know from time to time I like to travel back to this ol’ blog that started it all and give you an update on the world of Doctor Gash. The website is pretty much in the shitter right now. I was tinkering with it one day and did a real number on it trying to downsize. Well, it’s shot now and with all the Dread Central work, there’s really no time to get it up and running again. (which means I have to make a phone call to one Dr. Arnold Gash (Philadelphia cardiologist) or Dr. Aaron Gash (Cleveland chiropractor) and see if they want to buy a website. Hopefully I can get them into a bidding war! muwah-ha-ha!)  So anyway, when I’m not at Dread Central, the ol’ blog is home away from home.

And I cannot believe the traffic I’ve seen here. We’ll have our 10,000 view today. Wow. I’m totally flattered. (not really an avalanche of readers considering it was over the course of about nine months, but not bad for one dopey kid telling stories). I would have certainly thought you guys would have grown tired of my nonsense by now. Ten K and counting. Thanks guys. I’ll have to show up more often (probably have to get the carpets cleaned too as I know you horror fans don’t like to take your boots and spiked heels off before tromping through the place).

I’ll try to get back a little more frequently and see how things are going. Until then, the Doctor is Out!

Howdy, Gorehounds! How’ve you been?

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You don’t hate me do you? I got you all excited, didn’t I? I got this kick ass blog going, great reviews, the best Top 10 Horror Movies list ever created, funny stories. Then, as quickly as I entered your life, it seemed I was gone. For those who haven’t heard, please allow me to explain.

Through an amazing bit of good luck, this little blog got me hooked up with the one and only Steve Barton, that’s Uncle Creepy from Dread Central, one of the biggest horror sites on the internet, pulling in between 1.5 and 2.5 million hits per month (we weren’t getting that here). For awhile I was able to maintain this blog, and write for Dread Central. But as time went on and I continued to kick ass for Uncle Creepy, my responsibilities for Dread Central got larger and larger, finally engulfing the time I had for this blog and

So although I’m not currently writing on this blog, I will try to update it from time to time. And please check out Dread Central. You’ll love it! It’s got all the breaking horror news as it happens with preview and reviews and any other views you could want. If your interested in seeing my stuff specifically, just type Doctor Gash in the search bar and read on!

Thanks so much for your continued support!

The Doctor is out!

“Vincent Rising” and original works at

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We’ve spent a lot of time with reviews at, but this site is also for all of us to share our horrific visions. We have original artwork by Grant Latta and some new fiction by Scott Hallam. Check out the first few paragraphs of “Vincent Rising” and check out the rest at…(and feel free to submit your work! Send it to

Vincent Rising

      Mitch Fassero eased the blue Dodge Dakota into his driveway.  The soft glow of the dashboard’s digital clock informed him the time was 3:52 am.  He was returning home from a painfully long 12-hour shift at the plastic manufacturing plant he’d called home for the last 10 years.  This, combined with a 45-minute commute down a remarkably boring road, had his eyes bleary and he craved sleep.

Mitch dragged his lanky frame from the truck’s cab into the cool fall air.  He nearly locked his keys in the car, noticing them a moment before slamming the door and trapping them inside.  Mitch took a mental inventory of the contents of the front seat (…a pair of sunglasses, water bottle, cd case…) and assured himself there was nothing more needing to go inside.  He swung the door shut and walked toward the inviting front porch of his modest ranch home in rural Saugerties, NY.

“That was a long goddamn day,” he said to himself, sliding his key into the lock.  He opened the door to the quiet solace of his foyer.  There would be no time to check his email or even grab a quick snack.  It was straight to bed for five, maybe six hours of sleep before another long day tomorrow.  “Two more,” he thought aloud, looking forward to the upcoming weekend.  Two more days.”

Mitch ran a hand through is dark shaggy hair and wandered into his unlit bedroom.  A bright beam of moonlight shone through the naked window onto his king-sized bed. It reminded him to get some room-darkening curtains which would help him sleep on nights like tonight and keep the sun out while he slept during the day while working the midnight shift.  He never usually considered things like curtains or area rugs in his bachelor-esque décor. Instead he focused on items that were more aesthetically pleasing to him, the 18-inch Freddy Kruger statue that stood proudly on his dresser, overseeing the room, for example.

Undaunted by the glow of moonlight splashing directly across his pillow, Mitch stripped down, threw on a pair of shorts, and ambled toward the comfort of his waiting blankets.  Easing into the bed, he cast a brief glance out the bare window and hesitated.  He noticed something strange in his neighbor’s yard.

“What the fuck is that?” he said to no one, drawing his face closer to the cool window.  The houses in Mitch’s development sat near each other.  It didn’t leave much privacy, but he never saw their close proximity as much of an issue. It cut down on lawn mowing, leaf raking and other dreaded outdoor chores he didn’t care to be bothered with.

Mitch gazed out at what looked like a person standing in the yard next door.  Knowing his bedroom light was out, and that he couldn’t be seen through the glass from the outside, he allowed himself to lean even closer to the window, pressing his palms against it to steady himself.  He crunched his nose and squinted for a better look.

Continue reading at

Hudson Horror Show III–A filmfest for the true Gorehounds!

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  Everyone wants to be part of something from the beginning. Everyone loves tell their friends things like…”I’ve been going to Ozzfest since the first one.” or “Yeah, I read Jonah Hex in the comics, way before the movie.” (well, maybe not the Jonah Hex thing, but you get the idea). People love to have ties to big things that go back to the origins. Folks, I’m pointing you in the direction of an opportunity like that right now.

I’m talking about the Hudson Horror Show film festival. Creators and organizers Chris Alo and Tad Leger now has three of these productions under their belts, and each one is getting more popular than the one before. On Saturday, May 14th, Gorehounds far and wide were treated to Hudson Horror Show III–A Tale of Two Holocausts. The line-up for this event was 1980’s Alligator, Dario Argento’s The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Cannibal Holocaust, Doctor Butcher MD (aka Zombi Holocaust) and the main event (co-introduced by yours truly, Doctor Gash. Thank you, Chris) The Return of the Living Dead. Each film was preceded by a line-up of classic trailers which were eaten up by the festival patrons as enthusiastically as Ruggero Deodato’s cannibals polished off the victims in the third movie of the day. Prize giveaways by the festival organizers and vendors with truly unique wares also highlighted the event.

Now, if you want to get on board with this day-long, epic old-school horror event, pay attention here. There have only been three of these things thus far, so you can still consider this ‘in on the ground floor.’ Here’s a little heads-up for you…Alo announced Hudson Horror Show IV will be held on December 3 and will feature The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Beyond, Silent Night, Deadly Night (holiday time and all, you know), Rolling Thunder and The Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman to round out a great quintet of terror.

Check out the Hudson Horror Show website, and follow them on Facebook (a teaser trailer for Hudson Horror Show 4 is now posted) and Twitter to keep up with HHS4 updates and information. This festival is outgrowing it’s venue, folks. About 20 percent of the tickets for the next event were already sold at HHS3, so don’t wait. When the tickets go on sale, do yourself a favor and pick them up. You can’t beat the price for 12 hours of real entertainment.

With the quality of films and trailers, unique vendors, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic crowd, a close proximity to the huge fan base of New York City and Alo’s ringmaster-like emcee work and welcoming personality this festival is bound to explode in the future! Get on board now!

Let the reviews begin!!!

Posted in Doctor's orders on May 12, 2011 by Doctor Gash

  As stated above, Gash has just finished organizing 10 years worth of horror reviews. Each one contains a very concise opinion on the film as well as director, stars, box office and gross earnings numbers, release date, rating and run time. The goal is to release about one or two reviews a day. We’ll be going mainly in alphabetical order, unless Gash watches something new and writes a new review to add to the archives. We hope you enjoy these and PLEASE feel free to leave your comments. The good doctor is always up for a movie discussion. Thank you so much for reading and please…help us! -The Staph

Tip a glass! Doctor Gash archiving is done!

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  Well Gorehounds, sorry to have been away for so long, but I’ve been archiving a decade’s worth of movie reviews. For the past 10 years or so I’ve been writing a brief review of each horror movie I’ve watched. I suppose it was in anticipation of sharing them all with you someday.

That day has arrived as all the reviews are in order and ready to be posted online. Each review will be complete with a photo or two from the film, as well as box office info, rating, run time, the director, stars and release date. I’ve compiled all this information on each of the movies reviewed and will be posting them here and on regularly.

So check back often, we’ll be going in alphabetical order for the most part, with the numeric titles going first. We’ve got old ones, new ones, gory ones, thrillers, haunted houses, haunted hotels, slashers, smashes, thrashes and hits. Here we go, Gorehounds!