10,000 views! Really?! You guys must have something better to do.

Gorehounds, you know from time to time I like to travel back to this ol’ blog that started it all and give you an update on the world of Doctor Gash. The doctorgash.com website is pretty much in the shitter right now. I was tinkering with it one day and did a real number on it trying to downsize. Well, it’s shot now and with all the Dread Central work, there’s really no time to get it up and running again. (which means I have to make a phone call to one Dr. Arnold Gash (Philadelphia cardiologist) or Dr. Aaron Gash (Cleveland chiropractor) and see if they want to buy a website. Hopefully I can get them into a bidding war! muwah-ha-ha!)  So anyway, when I’m not at Dread Central, the ol’ blog is home away from home.

And I cannot believe the traffic I’ve seen here. We’ll have our 10,000 view today. Wow. I’m totally flattered. (not really an avalanche of readers considering it was over the course of about nine months, but not bad for one dopey kid telling stories). I would have certainly thought you guys would have grown tired of my nonsense by now. Ten K and counting. Thanks guys. I’ll have to show up more often (probably have to get the carpets cleaned too as I know you horror fans don’t like to take your boots and spiked heels off before tromping through the place).

I’ll try to get back a little more frequently and see how things are going. Until then, the Doctor is Out!


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