Hudson Horror Show III–A filmfest for the true Gorehounds!

  Everyone wants to be part of something from the beginning. Everyone loves tell their friends things like…”I’ve been going to Ozzfest since the first one.” or “Yeah, I read Jonah Hex in the comics, way before the movie.” (well, maybe not the Jonah Hex thing, but you get the idea). People love to have ties to big things that go back to the origins. Folks, I’m pointing you in the direction of an opportunity like that right now.

I’m talking about the Hudson Horror Show film festival. Creators and organizers Chris Alo and Tad Leger now has three of these productions under their belts, and each one is getting more popular than the one before. On Saturday, May 14th, Gorehounds far and wide were treated to Hudson Horror Show III–A Tale of Two Holocausts. The line-up for this event was 1980’s Alligator, Dario Argento’s The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Cannibal Holocaust, Doctor Butcher MD (aka Zombi Holocaust) and the main event (co-introduced by yours truly, Doctor Gash. Thank you, Chris) The Return of the Living Dead. Each film was preceded by a line-up of classic trailers which were eaten up by the festival patrons as enthusiastically as Ruggero Deodato’s cannibals polished off the victims in the third movie of the day. Prize giveaways by the festival organizers and vendors with truly unique wares also highlighted the event.

Now, if you want to get on board with this day-long, epic old-school horror event, pay attention here. There have only been three of these things thus far, so you can still consider this ‘in on the ground floor.’ Here’s a little heads-up for you…Alo announced Hudson Horror Show IV will be held on December 3 and will feature The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Beyond, Silent Night, Deadly Night (holiday time and all, you know), Rolling Thunder and The Werewolf vs. Vampire Woman to round out a great quintet of terror.

Check out the Hudson Horror Show website, and follow them on Facebook (a teaser trailer for Hudson Horror Show 4 is now posted) and Twitter to keep up with HHS4 updates and information. This festival is outgrowing it’s venue, folks. About 20 percent of the tickets for the next event were already sold at HHS3, so don’t wait. When the tickets go on sale, do yourself a favor and pick them up. You can’t beat the price for 12 hours of real entertainment.

With the quality of films and trailers, unique vendors, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic crowd, a close proximity to the huge fan base of New York City and Alo’s ringmaster-like emcee work and welcoming personality this festival is bound to explode in the future! Get on board now!


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